350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

Here are Best Laundry Quotes 2023.

Best Laundry Quotes

“My worst job was working in the laundry of a nursing home.”

– Rickie Lee Jones.

Sunday is the day I do my laundry and clean. I’m always trying to get rid of stuff. Truthfully? I have a housekeeper that comes once a month, and I tend not to make things too messy for her. But I do have clothes everywhere.

– Angela Yee

I do laundry, but my bags from the last race will sit there until the very last minute that I have to do laundry again.

-Bubba Wallace

Laundry is never going to be done. – My Husband

When this much laundry has piled up, it’s time to break out the sleeves of your favorite shirt

I have the distinct feeling that when I’m old, and I look back on my life, my thirties will be one huge blur. There’s a lot that gets neglected: exercise, dishes, laundry, my poor garden. I try to prioritize the important but non-urgent things over the unimportant but urgent things.

-Rebecca Makkai

There is a reason it’s that small in the closet.

We do laundry so you can keep having a good time.

Oh Laundry, It’s a jungle in here!

Starting fresh today with a clean slate and clean laundry.

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

While we women dilly-dally, making decisions, leaving jobs half done, forgetting where we’ve put the house keys while we water the Hoover and leave the laundry in the dishwasher, men, like blinkered horses, look straight ahead, oblivious to peripheral vision, where a discarded pile of wet towels might have caught their eye.

Mariella Frostrup

There isn’t a spare minute in the day. I have spent my life doing everything. I work. I go home. I do the shopping. I cook. Then there’s the laundry and the dog. For most of my life, I have been a working mother. And even when I wasn’t, I still did it all.

-Lesley Manville

If parents could just get their children moving around in the most simple and fun ways – jumping in leaves, dancing to pop music, throwing socks in a laundry basket – they could be sowing the seeds of great habits that could last a lifetime. It is all about turning it into a game.

Magnus Scheving

People ask me what I do in my spare time, and I look at them blankly, truly believing that I don’t even have spare time, and if I did, I’d probably use it for something mundane, like chipping away at the mound of laundry rising to dangerous proportions in the back room.

Kim Harrison

I farm – there is something visceral about being attached to the land. I am a recording engineer. I do my own laundry most days, and I get on with the business of living.

-Sandra Lerner

I spend most of my time thinking about things like laundry and buying stationery supplies.

-Wallace Shawn

“We’re changing the way people think about laundromats.” – Quinton

Have you found your inner laundry guru?

Getting ready to do my laundry.

Everyone knows the best time to do laundry is later.

Emily Hampshire

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

When your clothes are all in order, but your life is a disorganized mess

Sometimes laundry can look better folded. But most times, it doesn’t.

Washing is a lot less fun when you’re all alone.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

“I find that forming new relationships with my guests is very rewarding. When you give a new person that new bag, it seems as if you are giving them a winning lottery ticket. They are so appreciative. Truly showing you care makes all the difference. I also like the fact that when I am done for the day, I can see the work I have accomplished immediately. It fills me with pride.

– Travis

Everything in the washing machine is either black or white, you make the choices. 

Oh, the places you’ll go today, now that you smell so fresh and clean

Socks are the most difficult pieces of laundry to fold. How do they expect me to fold something so thin?

How was your day? Was it nice to be tidy?

So soft! These sheets make me wanna do laundry.

At a laundromat this week, a note was taped to the washing machine: “Please do not wash bras in here.” No one knows what they wash in that place, but they’re like my grandma.

Time to pre-soak my delicates set the machine for delicate cycle and find some time to do my deep breathing exercises.

I went out and got a new bra because I wanted one with more support. The last thing I expected was that my clothes would start fitting better.

I need a vacation from my vacation.

Work hard, play harder. You’ll need clean clothes for that.

Let’s start this weekend early. Throw in the whites and wash the blues away. 

“The challenge is changing the perception of a traditional laundromat. We want to be different in that we are clean, have fast machines, a bright facility, TVs, free wi-fi, and all of those things.  But the most important thing for me is creating a place where all people are welcome.” – Chris

I quite like doing laundry. I find it quite relaxing.

Charli XCX

Nothing can wipe away my smile on a nice day like a heap of laundry.

Having Laundry to do doesn’t matter. What matters is doing laundry. Tom Petty

I had humble beginnings. I was doing comedy in laundry mats in 1992, literally where I would bring a little gorilla amp and a lapel mike and just start performing. Dane Cook

I love being a mother; I hate being a housewife – the cooking, the laundry – because it takes away time I could be with my kids.

– Marcia Gay Harden

“Behind every working woman is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry.”

-Barbara Dale.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

– Pablo Picasso.

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

“Since joining the team I’ve felt a lot of ownership over the work I’m doing, and am in a role where I am not only utilizing my strengths, but have also had the opportunity to do some personal development, and improve upon skills needed to contribute at a higher level.” – Whitney

I procrastinate all morning. That’s when I get my office work done and answer e-mails and see what’s on the Internet and do laundry.

-Kate Christensen

Do you know what your daily needs? Some new, clean underwear.

It’s time to start separating your colors from whites, colors. whites colors separating.

If I had my life to do over again, I would have made a rule to never waste any of my energy on worry.

Somewhere along the line, a convention developed that the opening of a film was just a laundry list of credits. There was no incentive to complicate an area that was settled.

Saul Bass

I ended up at Tufts because I fell in love with its unique theater program and because I wanted to go to a liberal arts school where I could study a variety of subjects. Also, my parents were less than an hour away, so I could bring home laundry on the weekends.

-Josh Gates

If you’re going away, be sure to cancel the paper, the milk, and the laundry pickup. Remove the fresh stuff from the icebox, lock the windows and doors, and phone the cops and tell them how long you’ll be gone so they’ll keep an eye out for burglars.

– Michael Frome

“Oh, let there be nothing on earth but laundry, Nothing but rosy hands in the rising steam, And clear dances are done in the sight of heaven.”

-Richard Wilbur.

“Laundry, liturgy and women’s work all serve to ground us in the world, and they need not grind us down. Our daily tasks, whether we perceive them as drudgery or essential, life-supporting work, do not define who we are as women or as human beings.”

― Kathleen Norris.

I watched a lot of television as a kid, and the suburbs to me – that was exotic! Like, a mom and dad who lived in the same house and had jobs and cooked breakfast at the same time every morning and did laundry in a washing machine and dryer? That was like, ‘Woah! Who are they? How do you get to be like that?’

Gaby Hoffmann

Airing the family’s laundry can make people upset.

– J. D. Vance

I really don’t go out. I love watching movies, and on a day off, I’ll work out, do groceries, do laundry, see a friend.

-Joan Smalls

It was fun being at high school and also grocery shopping and having a job. Other kids were going home to their parents, who were doing their laundry, and I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ I was super isolated. I was 16, alone in New York, and modeling.

-Margaret Qualley

When I lived in Boston, I had an office that I rented because I found it wonderful to go away from my house to work: It was so quiet, and I couldn’t go to the refrigerator or do the laundry.

-Elizabeth Berg

Is it possible to do my laundry and have a life?

My laundry is done, folded, and put away…in the hamper.

I had rock-star dreams from 8 or 9 almost nonstop. I thought it was going to be like being a god on earth: having as many women as you want whenever you want them, having superpowers, being incredibly wealthy, never doing laundry.

-Rivers Cuomo

“I won’t put in a load of laundry, because the machine is too loud and would drown out other, more significant noises – namely, the shuffling footsteps of the living dead.”

-David Sedaris

Get ahead on laundry with Tide PODS. The best way to clean your clothes is to do it fast.

–Melissa d’Arabian

The person who washes a rental car first is a good person.

Stay fresh ‘n clean year-round with Downy Unstoppables.

So many socks, so little time. 

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

Vacuuming is great. I do the laundry. I love washing machines. I’m the maid in my house.

– Denis Leary

Forget the dryer, let your clothes air dry with these six easy steps

“I’m impressed by the team’s motivation to make this the most successful business it can be.  Everyone is working hard, and that’s been very impactful to me.”

– Jordan

I love folding laundry. Timothy Morton

When it comes to laundry, don’t procrastinate. Wash your delicates right away and your darks only when necessary.

Holidays can get messy, but that’s what laundry is for!

What should I wear today? It all looks so white and clean.

Is it possible to do my laundry and have a life?

No one likes to do laundry, but we’re a generous company. Washing our clothes makes them better.

We’re making laundry cool again.

The first laundromat opened in 1876 and had five washing machines and two soda fountains.

Laundry is not just about the laundry, but the laundryman.

We can’t ignore the laundry… But this week is all about tuning it out ’cause the weekend is almost here.

“Hearing from our customers that they love our stores and are so grateful to be near a Clean Laundry is when I feel most fulfilled in my job.” – Marissa

There’s only two kinds of people… those who do their laundry and those who lie about it.

Laundry is not my idea of fun, but it comes with the territory.

The box office is a black money laundry shop. No business is straight.

-Kamal Haasan

It’s a perfect day for the smell of fresh laundry, the crunch of fall, and maybe a latte or two.

It always feels like Sunday when my laundry is done—so I guess my laundry is a religious experience. 

Among the many things that must be done, laundry remains a constant. – Calvin Trillin

It’s the little moments that make life beautiful. Like hanging out to do laundry.

Never trust a laundry basket that doesn’t have a sock monster in it.

– Dave Gorman

The best part of doing laundry is knowing you have clean clothes to wear.

An income tax form is like a laundry list – either way, you lose your shirt.

-Fred Allen

Sometimes it feels like I don’t own any other clothes.

“All Store Managers have my personal number and can call me anytime for help.” – Ethan

If you don’t go to the gym, you don’t look good. If you don’t tan, you’re pale. If you don’t do laundry, you don’t got any clothes.

-Michael Sorrentino

“We’re changing people’s attitudes about laundry. It’s becoming less of a chore and more of a pleasant experience.  It is a very unique ‘spin’ on a very old business model.”

– Phil

Hey, sorry we smell like laundry.

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

“I have seen a store manager provide our service free to someone in desperate need and then even help them get home when the weather was really bad.” – Phil

Don’t judge. I used to buy underwear because I didn’t do my laundry.

-Michelle Obama

Seriously, I bet you can’t wait to get these clothes into the washer and then into the dryer. Wash day!

My husband and I have, in some ways, a non-traditional relationship – especially when it comes to domestic duties. He does most of the cooking, dishes, and laundry, while I do most of the yard work. I love to mow the lawn! And I take great satisfaction in planting and pruning.

-Therese Fowler

Ahh, the sweet sound of freshly washed sheets flapping in the wind.

“This is a very fast pace environment which regularly presents different scenarios and new problems to solve for our customers.” – Jose

I will waste an extraordinary amount of time, you know. And if it’s not watching television, I’ll be sitting staring out of the window. And yes, I know there’s the idea of the artist, sitting there doing nothing while things are going on, but actually, no. It’s a vacant space. I’m thinking about the laundry.

-Glen Duncan

We didn’t have money all the time to do laundry. A lot of the time, we didn’t have soap or hot water. We were smart kids academically, but we’d go to school smelling.

– Viola Davis

Dubrovnik is still a thriving, bustling city with modern-day shops, restaurants and bars yet still has the old city charm of street vendors, performers and women hanging laundry outside the windows.

-Bridget Marquardt

Among the laundry list of threats to our world, climate change more often than not makes these challenges worse.

Patricia Espinosa

“The nearest one came to a tumble dryer was if the laundry basket was dropped on the way to the washing-line and then the whole lot went tumbling down the drive.”

-Ann Patras.

I grew up in New Orleans. I had just moved into my dorm at the University of New Orleans, and I was doing laundry, and my mom called me, like, ‘We’ve got to evacuate. There’s a hurricane’s coming.’

-Frank Ocean

“No other job in the world could possibly dispossess one so completely as this job of teaching. You could stand all day in a laundry, for instance, still in possession of your mind.”

-Sylvia Ashton-Warner.

I do the laundry, cook all the meals, take care of my kids and I love it.

-Teresa Giudice

I like to cook chicken adobo and do my own laundry.


I’m an OCD neat freak. I can’t stand messes. I make my bed every morning. Laundry. I do it all.

-John Daly

I did not find living alone difficult. In fact, it was such a liberating feeling because simple things like ironing my clothes, doing laundry, making my bed made me feel independent and gave me the sense of accomplishment that I can do it myself.

-Athiya Shetty

We don’t do laundry because that requires a lot of water, and water’s at a premium up here. Plus, it’d be pretty complicated, I think, to make a spacing washer, although I guess you could do it.

-Scott Kelly

With a fresh clean laundry line-up, every new day feels like the start of something new.

We’ve got your laundry, dishes, and dry cleaning under control. No sweat.

I try to work in the mornings. Usually, I write in my pajamas and slowly assemble myself. I don’t get organized and sit down and get dressed. I do the laundry. I drift in and out of writing.

-Sue Miller

“I was drawn to the fast-paced nature of the job, and the opportunity to grow this into something much larger than it is currently.” – Jordan

You’ve got enough to worry about, so let us wash and dry your clothes so they come out fresh and clean.

Marriage is the most expensive way for the average man to get laundry done.

– Burt Reynolds

There are days when I’m out of white t-shirts, low on socks, and I run out of shirts for my dog. Do you know what I say to myself? Tomorrow’s another day! -Olivia Pope

I love doing laundry! It’s so satisfying. I love the way it smells. I love doing the sheets.

-Keri Russell

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

A clean day starts with a pile of laundry.

Laundry should be a simple process, but somehow it becomes a big project to chalk off one’s daily To-Do list.

A balanced life leads to a healthy mind and body. That is the truth about laundry.

Your weekend plans can be whatever you want them to be. Unless laundry is one of them.

It’s better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week. Laurence

-J. Peter

The good ones always seem to come home—after you’ve thrown out the bad.

There was no romance in the laundry, no love lost between bleach and buttons; there was no trust.

So fresh, so clean! All laundry was washed in just one day. 

“The future at Clean Laundry really falls under ‘the sky is the limit’! Our growth plans and areas we are opening in really are exciting. Being a part of this so early really makes me feel like I can advance as far as my performance will let me and I can make a meaningful contribution.”

– Travis

“What really attracted me, was the opportunity to grow and develop in many ways, from ops to marketing. Everyone on the team is working hard and giving their best. It’s exciting to be around.”

– Quinton

Feminism is an entire world view or gestalt, not just a laundry list of women’s issues.

-Charlotte Bunch

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. It can never hurt to refresh!

Let go of everything you know and then let go of that.

“Although this role is very independent but flexible, constant communication is important and that is for me the most important support provided.” – Jose

Women basically want the same thing – a good passionate story, a great fantasy – and for our partners to do the laundry and the washing up.

-E. L. James

If there is something that strikes me as interesting or beautiful or something I could learn from, and I don’t write it down, then I could be at lunch with you, and it’s like there’s a pile of laundry in my brain that I haven’t put away, and I struggle to really listen, so that’s always been important to me.

– Tavi Gevinson

Unlike the time sink of binge-watching a TV series, podcasts actually made me more efficient. Practically every dull activity – folding laundry, applying makeup – became tolerable when I did it while listening to a country singer describing his hardscrabble childhood, or a novelist defending her open marriage.

– Pamela Druckerman

I’m not so interested in what movie a celebrity is promoting or what television show might be premiering. I’m more interested in, ‘Does Channing Tatum know how to do laundry?’ I guess the more simple, personal sides of people. -Grace Helbig

I do the laundry. I do the shopping. I do the dishes.

– Maryanne Trump Barry

In 2011, I contributed an essay to Tin House, ‘The Dark Side of Dinner Dishes, Laundry, and Child Care,’ talking about women writers I felt had fallen off the map.

-Sarah Weinman

The conscious mind can only pay attention to about four things at once. If you’ve got these nagging voices in your head telling you to remember to pick up the laundry and call so-and-so, they’re competing in your brain for neural resources with the stuff you’re actually trying to do, like getting your work done.

-Daniel Levitin

My mother had no end of tragedy in her life. She would make herself get up and take a deep breath and go out and do laundry. Hang up sheets.

-Patti Smith

No matter what your laundry list of requirements in choosing a mate is, there has to be an element of good luck and good fortune and good timing.

-Patty Duke

In a way it was like washing your laundry in public and, yep, there you go, you’ve seen my underwear. And now I feel like there’s nothing left, you’ve seen it all and I can get on.

-Jude Law

My worst job was working in the laundry of a nursing home.

– Rickie Lee Jones

I do my laundry on a weekly basis.

– Kesha

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

I was doing comedy in laundry mats in 1992, literally where I would bring a little gorilla amp and a lapel mike and just start performing.

-Dane Cook

I know what it’s like to finish the laundry and to look in the basket five minutes later and it’s full again. I know what it’s like to pull all the groceries in, and see the teenagers run through, and all of a sudden, all of the groceries you just bought a few hours ago are gone.

– Ann Romney

I wanted to write about what we were doing at the French Laundry, the recipes and the stories.

-Thomas Keller

As soon as my clothes come back from the laundry I hang them up on the left-hand side of the wardrobe and take clothes to wear from the right, so they’re constantly rotating.

-Gregg Wallace

I lived in a little shack in Santa Monica, and I was working on ‘The O.C.’ and when it started airing, I took my laundry down to the laundromat like I always had, and so many people along with the two blocks I walked and in the laundromat stopped me and asked me for photographs.

– Chris Carmack

There’s a laundry list of reasons why not to borrow from your 401(k). While the money is on loan, it’s not working for you – and if you leave your job, you’ll have to pay it back in 60 days or treat it as a taxable withdrawal.

-Jean Chatzky

Wash day woes will feel like a distant memory once you’re back partying on the town

For me, being successful meant not having to do my laundry at a laundromat and not having a second job.

-Darby Stanchfield

Feels like we should be assembling a pie chart of how many shirts we’ve washed in the last year. But instead, we made lists of our top 10 favorite pies

As weird as it may seem, I enjoy doing laundry and watering my plants, very normal things like that.

-Kimberly Schlapman

Why would I want a place of my own? Then I would have to things worry about, like doing laundry and having food in the fridge. Rafael Nadal

I find folding laundry very relaxing.

-Lindsey Vonn

Shopping for groceries for most people is like a chore. It’s like doing the laundry or taking out the garbage 500. And we strive to make shopping engaging, fun and interactive.

John Mackey

Washing your clothes opens up a whole new world of cozy.

Washing my body takes less time than washing my hair.

Do you know where your towel is?

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

Socks are the bane of my existence. Always missing a pair that matches. When do you think I will learn?

Sometimes I feel that I’m addicted to laundry.  It’s a real problem.

I’m not that nice – it’s one of those things that reveals itself over time. You could talk to people who know me well; they could give you a laundry list. Except they probably wouldn’t because they’re petrified.

-Paul Rudd

“I find myself dreaming of doing normal things – like staying home and washing dishes.”

– Shalom Harlow.

“I always make the joke that I go home, to one of my homes, to go and do laundry so I can go on the road again.”

-Hugh Masekela.

We don’t do laundry because that requires a lot of water, and water’s at a premium up here. Plus, it’d be pretty complicated, I think, to make a spacing washer, although I guess you could do it. So we generally throw our clothes out. I think I’ve been wearing this pair of pants for about two months.

-Scott Kelly

I’m pretty obsessive-compulsive, and I’m very fast. I tend to not write for a long period of time until I can’t write, and then I write first drafts in gallops. I won’t eat right. I forget to do my laundry.

-Adam Rapp

Life is full of laundry… but at least it’s fun to fold with our products!

“I get the opportunity to meet different types of people and share in their stories.” – Jose

“The entire Clean Laundry team is a great example of a group of people operating as a team, working towards a shared goal. Everyone is willing to pitch in where needed and do what it takes to get the work done, to accomplish the goals we’ve set out for ourselves.”

– Whitney

If there were a category in the Olympics for laundry, my mother would have been a gold-medal winner.

-Elizabeth Berg

Laundry is like life. You do it over and over until you get it right.

Whether you work from home or have a few extra minutes to spare in your day, make sure you remain productive and motivated amidst the madness: remember to study and do laundry!

Yes, I am folding your underwear. Yes, you could’ve done it. But no, you didn’t.

I need to feel as if everything is clean and in its proper place before I can even attempt to write one word. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I make the bed, I put away the dishes, maybe I dust, maybe I do the laundry, maybe I go to the post office.

-Said Sayrafiezadeh

I started doing experiments – mostly in organic chemistry because it was so much more interesting – in my mother’s laundry at home.

John Cornforth

Fun fact: The average woman spends 8 years of her life doing laundry. And that’s just for one person. That’s a lot of time doing the wash.

Obviously, I’m not a Neanderthal. I do laundry. I am a human being.

-Luke Harper

“Everybody wants to save the earth; no one wants to help mom do the dishes.”

-P.J O’Rourke.

“I really like doing the laundry, because I succeed at it. But I loathe putting it away. It is already clean.”

-Jenny Holzer.

Bold whites make everything bolder.

A clean mind is a powerful thing.

What to wear today? Start with fresh, clean laundry in the swirly spin cycle.

“I live a quiet daytime life. I walk everywhere. I lie down. I wash socks. I fry an e_g_g.”

– Pete Burns.

I’m not thin, but I’m strong – plus my balance is such that I can navigate a flight of stairs with a basket of laundry and a stack of Pottery Barn catalogs, vaulting over cat-and-dog hurdles, never once spilling my coffee.

– Jen Lancaster

I cook and do my own laundry.

-Ronan Keating

I’m lazy and I do procrastinate about laundry!

-Emily Hampshire

“No matter what your laundry list of requirements in choosing a mate, there has to be an element of good luck and good fortune and good timing.”

-Patty Duke.

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

It’s a purging of sorts. Like, when you’re all done doing your laundry and it’s fresh and bright, but washing the clothes, you wouldn’t want to get in while it’s spinning around.”

-Maynard James Keenan.

“Love is a mental illness going in and mental illness coming out. In between, you do a lot of laundries.”

-Steve Lopez.

“With a new concept there are lots of new ideas and everyone has been coming up with them. Everyone gets to help contribute to what we are building.”

– Phil

The problem with State of the Union speeches is that they are, by their nature and design, alphabet soup. It’s hard to know what a president really cares about when they run down a laundry list and check every issue box under the sun for fear they will offend some constituency if they don’t.

-Mark McKinnon

No matter what life throws at you, there’s no denying the importance of a good, clean pair of socks

Do you ever feel like you’ve just had one too many bowls of ice cream?

Don’t think I could do a French Laundry anywhere else.

-Thomas Keller

We think of the Marine Corps as a military outfit, and of course, it is, but for me, the U.S. Marine Corps was a four-year crash course in character education. It taught me how to make a bed, how to do laundry, how to wake up early, how to manage my finances. These are things my community didn’t teach me.

-J. D. Vance

I can’t be responsible for your bad choices, but I will be there with a mop and bucket to clean it up taking responsibility

Do you ever just stare at the beautiful colors in your closet and wonder who this person is who lives here?

“The entire team is committed to making a positive impact and progress to opening successful stores.”

– Chad

“We are growing fast but with control. We are always trying to improve the stores as we grow, and regularly assessing the customer experience. We don’t want to be your typical laundromat – we want to be the best laundromat. Every person on the team has this top of mind.”

– Jim

I have a problem getting all my laundry done, cleaning up and doing all of the normal daily things that a grownup should do.

-Lucy DeVito

An actress once advised me, ‘Make sure you do your own laundry – it will keep you honest.’

-Cate Blanchett

My God, it’s laundry and family when I come back home. I’ve got to see my brother and kids, and my sister-in-law, my aunts, my uncles, cousins; everybody is here.

– Jessie Reyez

Traveling alone was like laundry for my thoughts.

-Mark Foster

Who does laundry anyway?

The day the washer repair guy finally called back…

I love being a housewife… I love doing laundry. Except I have a little bit of separation anxiety, and you have to separate your laundry, so I have a little bit of a problem there.

-Wendy Liebman

It is not weird for a dad to be doing the dishes, the laundry, and taking the kids to school and reading them stories for bed.

-Zach Cregger

It turns out that a husband who does the laundry, it’s very romantic when you’re older. And it’s hard to believe when you’re younger. But it’s absolutely true.

-Sheryl Sandberg

I put a lot of money in a coin-operated dry-cleaning place and it keeps losing money and I can’t get anybody to buy it. So I keep pouring more money Into it, and into the laundry next door which my father owns.

-Ken Berry

If at first, you don’t succeed, try doing the laundry again.

Whether it’s destiny or fate or whatever, I 

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

Laundry Day Quotes 2022

Oh,, laundry day! Change this, put that in the dryer, fold the clothes when they go…off! Oh my gosh, I’m so tired. Some day I want to be rich enough to pay someone to do my laundry.

Laundry… It’s in our blood!

Laundry day feels like the saddest, most tedious family reunion in history.

Guys should be doing laundry, doing dishes.

Bobby Berk

What are you waiting for? Come relax with us.

What’s your favorite thing about laundry day?

“Life is too short to fold laundry.” – He Who Folds Laundry.

Thank goodness it’s laundry day.

Let’s face it, laundry day is not a party

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

Laundry day, don’t step on my blue suede shoes.

Laundry is a part of life. It’s also a chore. Accept it and move on.

It’s laundry day, but this guy hasn’t changed his underwear in three days. What do I do? first world problems haha

“Monday is Laundry Day. It’s like the opposite of Sunday. It’s like…the opposite day.” ― Steven Wright, I Have a Pony

Dirty Laundry Quotes 2022

Dirty Laundry Quotes are also liked by people. You can read some dirty laundry quotes.

Washing clothes can be hard on some fabrics, but it’s easy on your wallet. Clean sheets are less costly than dirty sheets. When in doubt, wash before you wear.

I was raised by very traditional Southern parents with Southern manners. You don’t air your dirty laundry to people that aren’t your family or your friends. Why would I ever want to portray myself as anything other than together?

-Dakota Fanning

Treat your bed like the temple it is. Start by making an end to that crazy bed head by tossing your balled-up dirty clothes in this bin.

We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.

-E. B. White

I’m comfortable airing my laundry. I don’t think one thing’s dirty or clean. It’s just what I wear.

-Tituss Burgess

Do I post pictures of my overflowing laundry basket or the dirty dishes by the sink? No, I’ll probably post a pic of the finished meal looking pretty. We’re all skewed in what we show.

Alice Levine

For some reason the dirty laundry basket makes it seem like I never do any cleaning.

The dirty laundry of yesterday is the clean clothes of tomorrow.

If a little dirt won’t hurt, imagine how dirty you’ll be after a year.

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

It’s hard scrubbing but someone has got to wrangle the dirty laundry.

I want to go swimming, but the pool is full of my dirty laundry.

“Humanity is the washerwoman of society that wrings out its dirty laundry in tears. “

-Karl Kraus.

I love the smell of clean laundry. Working in the garden and getting my hands dirty. Doing the dishes. These are the things that make me feel normal.

-Joanna Gaines

I’m kind of ashamed to be a celebrity. I don’t understand wanting to read about other people’s dirty laundry. I think celebrity is the biggest red herring society has ever pulled on itself.

Jude Law

You don’t need to air your dirty laundry, you don’t need to trust everyone.

-Shanna Moakler

Washing your daily dirty laundry and putting it on display for all to see? Not a smart idea

“The laundry has its hands on my dirty shirts, sheets, towels, and tablecloths, and who knows what tales they tell.”

-Joseph Smith, Jr.

Let your dirty laundry make your home smell clean again.

Life is dirty. Your Clothes don’t have to be.

A clean break is better than a dirty one.

Give dirty laundry new meaning.

If the sheets are dirty the bed is unclean, but if plants are unclean, what sort of sheets can you have on your bed? – Saint Basil

There are two kinds of laundry—the dirty kind & the clean kind.

In my experience in Washington, when people refuse to come clean, it is usually because they are hiding dirty laundry.

Tom Fitton

Opening up the Capitol dome and giving the public a look at the inner workings of Congress – however messy they may be – certainly won’t be pretty. But trust isn’t earned by showing off only your Sunday best. The dirty laundry has to be aired, too.

-Mike Quigley

“One of my life’s rules is don’t wash a dirty laundry in public.”

— Henry Kissinger.

Laundry Room Quotes

Here are the best laundry room quotes. You can try these best quotes in the laundry room as a poster or wallpaper.

Because of laundry. And because of you.

“A good laundry room with storage can make life easier.”

-Jonathan Scott.

Long live your laundry!

-Billy Mays

I’m really good at laundry, and I have no problem cleaning the kitchen.

-Denis Leary

I am a great procrastinator. When the writing is going really well, the laundry piles up.

– Dana Spiotta

My laundry list of wants in a partner is basically kindness. I want someone who is kind, and that’s kind of where it begins and ends. I’m open to being surprised.

– Jennifer Carpenter

I know how to separate my own laundry.

– Amy Ryan

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

“Learn to put your troubles in your pocket, then leave them there when you do your laundry.”

-John Avery.

“You know it’s time to do the laundry when you dry off with a sneaker.”

-Zach Galifianakis.

One day, my brother had his friend over, and they were in the laundry room, and I stuck my puppet’s head around the door and then started chasing them with it and made my puppet laugh very scary. It was really funny.

– Darci Lynne Farmer

We are coming down from our pedestal and up from the laundry room.

-Bella Abzug

“If I don’t do laundry today, I’m gonna have to buy new clothes tomorrow.”

-Anna Paquin.

The room service is nice. Ooh-la-la, a hotel. At home, it’s laundry and school lunches.

-Dolores O’Riordan

What’s in the laundry room? Like, your dirty clothes, your toothbrush, and possibly cash that has magically disappeared into fibers.

I’m not one to air my dirty laundry for the whole world.

-Jenna Fischer

Our laundry room is the greatest room in the house. Where else can you make a dirty shirt clean?

When I was a kid, I worked as a clerk at my parent’s motel. From when I was eight or nine, I rented rooms, helped with laundry, folding tons of towels. And then I also worked at my dad’s gas station more as a young adult and as an adult.

Sabaa Tahir

“A good laundry room with storage can make life easier.”

– Jonathan Scott.

Every morning is a clean slate; make it your best one yet with 3D Whitestrips.

Make your laundry room a happy place and it will be easy to do your laundry

If you can spend a little time in the laundry room, then you can beautify the world.

– Sarah Bernhardt

Hearing the Beastie Boys speak out against se_xi_sm made me feel like if these men who had once sung about getting girls to ‘do the laundry’ and ‘clean up my room’ could understand, maybe the rest of the world would follow suit. It made me hopeful in the best way.

-Jessica Valenti

Laundry Detergent Quotes 2022

Here are the best laundry detergent quotes for 2022. All these quotes are related to laundry detergent.

Treat yourself with our laundry detergent that cleans your clothes and your conscience

Make sure your clothes stay clean and keep you feeling fresh with our clinical strength detergent. Freshness Matters

You know you’re living in the twenty-first century when there’s an app for finding out if your detergent is expired.

Nothing is s_e_x_ier than a man who smells like sunshine and fresh air. Maybe except a man who smells like sunshine, fresh air and laundry detergent.

Get your clothes whiter with my newest detergent.

350+ Laundry Quotes, Captions and Taglines

We lived in one of those half-basement apartments, and on our first night of being in America, someone reached through the grate that protects the window and stole our laundry detergent – which wasn’t a big deal, but it felt symbolic when I heard about it later as an adult.

Jenny Zhang

Now they show you how detergents take out bloodstains, a pretty violent image there. I think if you’ve got a T-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe laundry isn’t your biggest problem. Maybe you should get rid of the body before you do the wash.

-Jerry Seinfeld

Laundry Quotes One Line

Small laundry quotes. Here are short laundry quotes in one line.

Cleaning Need Satisfied
Quality in Every Work
Get your important Things back and laundry to us
Protecting your Clothes
All Steam More Clean
Clean Clothes, Clean Life

Cleaning, Done it Right
First Class Cleaning Service
Where Spotless Clothes are at your Doorstep

You Wear, We Clean it
Clean, It’s Your Choice
Everyone has a reason for Clean
Finest Personal Touch Cleaning
A Personal and Professional Cleaning
Bringing Power of Cleaning
Shining you Like Crystal

Get a Change for your Clothes
Your Family Dream
We are Stronger than your Dirt
Giving your Cloth More Longer Life
Add Brightness to your Clothes
Be Spotless, Be Bright
We are the Right Key to Clean

Giving happiness Through Cleaning
Laundry is Our Motto
The right thing for your bad Clothes
Washing Clothes are Messy, Clean it

Making Old Clothes, newer
Rediscovering Cleaning Work
Redefining laundry
Laundry is never Ending Story

Love your Clothes LIke you
Clean laundry, Clean day
A makeover of Your Laundry
Making your laundry Better
You leave it. We Clean it
Cleaning is our Job

Making world Spotless
Professional Laundry Service at an Affordable rate
Cleaning CLothing, Sharing happiness
Affordable Laundry for all
Experience the new Level of Laundry

Because Quality is Necessary
Finest Cleaning For all
One Call, Cleans it all
A reason for Clean
A Clean is your Choice

The perfect care for your clothes
Stay clean
Laundry day is important
Caring for your Clothes more

Taking care of your dirty deeds
Making you smell nice
Your clothes deserve it
Because clothes are expensive!
Getting the shirt spotless
No fading, only cleaning
Love your clothes

Experience the new Level of Cleaning
Laundry as its Finest
Committed to a healthier Environment
Clean clothes, Clean passion
We are Full of passion

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