Best Laundry Services in NYC 2021 in New York City

Best Laundry Services in NYC 2021 in New York City. Here Best New York City Laundromat services in 2021. If you live in New York City, then you know what trouble the laundry can be in New York City.

Some are lucky to have their own washer and dryer at home. But many people have clean their laundry once a week or longer time at a local laundromat in New York City to make sure they have clean clothes. Find a Best laundry service is too much difficult work for everyone.

No anybody check for best, every laundry service, this take too much long time. If this sounds like a familiar struggle to you, you always need to use Best laundry service and it may be time to consider using a professional laundry service.

A laundry service in New York City can pick up your dirty clothes, appreciate them professionally, bend them, and deliver them back to you at a time that is convenient and best for you. Life changing thing! On the other hand, if your NYC rental has a washer and dryer facility, you can schedule your regular cleaning services as well as a laundry service.

If you’re a true New Yorker, don’t forget to check out our best apartment cleaning service guide! Here are the Best Laundry Services in NYC 2021. It mean Best Laundry Services in New York City 2021. Also we tell about Best Laundry Service NYC 2021, Best Laundry Services NYC 2021, Best Laundry Delivery Service.

Best Laundry Apps NYC 2021, Best Laundry Delivery NYC 2021, Best Laundry Delivery Service NYC 2021. According to Google Maps many places of laundromat available in NYC. So we recommend you Best place for your perfect laundry service in NYC.

Why You Need to Choose Best Laundry Service in NYC 2021

Choosing best laundry service in NYC 2021 is too much beneficial for your cloths and health. There are a few benefits of choosing best laundry service.

Care of Garments

When you leave your clothes and clothes with a professional laundry service, you can also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your clothes are in good hands.

Care of Garments is important for you. If you have clothes that require special attention while washing or drying, just bring it to the attention of your laundry service and they will take care of it.

If your clothes are commercially appreciated, you can keep your clothes for a very long time if you want to wear similar items by yourself.

As a result, you may find that your clothes last longer and do not need to be changed often, which can save you money.

Save Time and Money

How much time do you spend in a laundromat per week or month? If you are like a lot of NYC-dwellers, you get to do the laundry from the laundromat and spend a good chunk of your time – which in itself is no easy feat, if you lived in a high-rise apartment building If you are alone.

With a professional laundry service, you can end trips to the laundromat and take advantage of your laundry facilities directly from your residence and when it is done, it is brought back clean and folded.

This will save your precious time (and of course, trouble) of having to take your clothes to the laundromat and deal with congestion, broken machines and other disappointments.

And when you consider how much your time is, it is easy to see how a professional laundry service can be some of the Best money you spend.

How to look a Best Laundry Service in NYC 2021

If you are thinking about using a Best laundry service in NYC 2021 in United States of America, then of course, you want to find the right one for your needs and budget.

When you shop around, there are some things to look out for that can help you make the best decision to take.

Subscription or One-Time Service?

There may also be occasions where you do not have the time (or energy) to make it a laundromat. When this happens, having a laundry service allows you to change the wash once and fold make all the difference.

Many NYC companies offer a one-time laundry service, but there are a handful that require you to enter a subscription to use their services. Be sure to consider your needs in laundry service and find one that works for you.

Also note that many companies with laundry subscription services also offer discounts to customers. You can save 10% on your services, for example, by doing them weekly or twice a month. This can be a great option for those who want to save some money.

Specific Services Offered

Start by making sure that you find a company that provides the specific services you need. For example, if you require same-day pick-up and delivery, make sure that you look for same-day service that offers orders guaranteed as of a certain time.

Many of pickup and delivery laundry services available on Yelp, But rating of people is not helpful. If you have special clothing that needs to be plundered, such as delicates, you may want to go out of your way to find a service that knows how to take care of them properly.

Laundry services can vary widely in the specific options they provide to customers, so this is where you will need to do a little research. For example, some companies may only offer wash and fold services, while others may also offer dry cleaning and sewing.


Pricing is one of most important part in laundry. In NYC, you will find that most laundry services charge by the pound – averaging around $ 1.50 per pound rate. However, be sure to confirm the price structure of the laundry service you are considering.

You can use most of ideas for save money while laundry. Some may charge extra for folding, dispensing, or separating dark and white laundry.

You also want to find out where a company stands when it comes to tipping. Some companies will automatically include a gratuity with their fees, while others cannot.


NYC is the city that is never sleeps any time, but what about your laundry service? Some people provide 24/7 service 365 days a year, while others may have more rigorous occupations.

You want to consider how long your need for clean laundry is sensitive to making a decision about a service. If you want to wait until the last second to do your laundry and then need to do it ASAP, you probably want to find a service that is available 24/7 a week.

If you are able to push your laundry plan a little further than before, you may be able to work with a company that has more traditional hours.

Best Laundry Services in NYC 2021

New York City with more than 8 million people. New York City the Never Sleeps is one of the busiest places in the world.

The fast-paced nature of the New York City leaves almost no time for its residents to wash their clothes and garments.

These excellent laundry services help you surpass one thing from your to-do list, we offer you the 15 best options for laundry services in New York City.

We got some recommendations for Best Laundry Services in NYC 2021. Not sure where to start your search for the best laundry services in NYC 2021?

1. Liox Cleaners and Laundry NYC

Liox Cleaners and Laundry is Best laundry service in NYC in 2021. This laundry service is most like and used by New York People in 2021.

This laundry service best for On-demand laundry service, competitively priced always, same-day delivery available, Services or Scope of Liox Cleaners and laundry are both Laundry and Dry Cleaning.

This is a Best Commercial Laundry Service in NYC. This is Airbnb laundry Service.

Pricing of the Liox Cleaners Laundry Service is good. This laundry service Pricing Starts at $1.45/lb. You can see complete pricing online. The website of Liox Cleaner and Laundry NYC is

This laundry service complete address in NYC is – 123 Allen street, New York NY 10002. You can contact at 800-374-0449 for Liox Cleaners and laundry service. You can payment with both ways cash or card.

Liox Cleaners and Laundry service is the best New York’s, with their same day services and pick-up / drop-off programs. From domestic needs, to business level services, they have you covered!

It is one of the most competitively priced places in the NYC in 2021. Happy customers owe their incredible service of laundry, complete cleanliness and reliability to everything.

You can go out for an interview on your job wearing crisp and fresh clothes that reflect a professional personality, check out their website for some sweet deals!

2. Bed Bug Laundry Services

Bed Bug Laundry Service is one of the best laundry service in NYC 2021. Bed Bug laundry service best for chemical-free cleaning process, laundry solutions, discreet and diligent service, pick-up options available with great bagging services.

The Bed Bug laundry services and scope are Laundry, Bed Bug Prep, Moving and Fumigation, Prevent Bed Bugs, Dry Cleaning, Storage, Bed Bug Detection (K9 Services), After Travel.

The Bed Bug laundry service pricing, you can request for a quote via hotline. The Bed Bug laundry service website is This laundry service address in NYC is – Greater Metropolitan New York City. You can contact Bed Bug laundry service at – (917) 740-2840.

The support of this laundry service is good you can also contact them at – You can call Bed Bug laundry service on the hotline for more inquiries. The services and support of this laundromat is good.

Not all of the laundry services are about your clothes. Sometimes, laundry services about your nasty bed bug infestation! Bed Bug Laundry Service specializes in killing and preventing all of the pests.

Bed Bug laundry service offer full treatment to prevent such from happening again. Bed Bug laundry service use chemical-free products in the cleaning process and have a pick-up service for an even more hassle-free service!

Happy customers have nothing but kind words, thanking them for promptly addressing these unavoidable circumstances through excellent servicing.

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3.  Laundry Club NYC

Laundry Club services of laundry best for High-tech washers, dryers and more functions. This laundry service operating since 1989 in United States of America.

This laundry service is one of the finest laundry in NYC 2021. Laundry Club give you many of the free services like Free Pickup and delivery.

Laundry Club service do Laundry and Dry Cleaning both. Alterations of this laundry service is White Vinegar Cleaning. Laundry Club pricing starting is amazing.

The Laundry club pricing starts at $1.50/lb. See complete pricing online on this service website. Laundry Club official website is –

The address of Laundry Club in NYC is – 233 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001, United States. You can contact Laundry Club on this number 212-414-9302. For Payment You can call the hotline Laundry Club for more inquiries.

Laundry more than 30 years of industry experience, the Laundry Club is the ever reliable laundromat that New Yorkers have been visiting for years! With highly competitive prices it is easy to see why they have been in business for so many years.

Because of this reason Laundry Club is one of the best and finest laundry service in NYC 2021. With a free pick-up and delivery service, they aim to deliver the best cleanliness in the New York City.

If your parents were younger, this is not surprising! Through the milestones of many New Yorkers, the Laundry Club has periodically dressed their backs with only the freshest and cleanest clothes.

This is one of trust able laundry service in New York City People in 2021.

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4. Brown Bag Laundry

Brown Bag Laundry Service is best for same-day or next-day delivery services in New York City. In Brown Bag laundry service PERC-free and eco-friendly cleaning service totally.

Brown Bag Laundry Service have over 10 years of industry experience in New York City. Customize able laundry packages also available in Brown Bag Laundry Service.

In Brown Bag laundry service available Laundry doctor, dry cleaning, alterations, customized laundry, commercial laundry services. The pricing of this laundry starts from some high rate.

Brown Bag laundry service pricing starts at $2.75/lb. You can see complete pricing online on their website.

The website of Brown Bag is – Brown Bag Laundry Services address in NYC – 96 W. Houston St., New York, NY, 10012. You can easily contact to Brown Bag Laundry at – 212-510-8709. Brown Bag laundry service have both of payment options Cash or card.

Brown Bag Laundry service is not your average laundromat, it has evolved from a one stop shop to one of New York’s best apparel specialty cleaners and changes attracting the likes of artists and celebrities.

With customize able packages to suit your needs, you are sure to find your choice and are satisfied with the final results.

One of the best in Brown Bag laundry service, This laundry service is Best eco-friendly laundry service in New York City 2021 in United States of America.

Reviewers praise his very fast turnaround time and quality service. Brown continues to develop and shape the bag industry.

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5. Load Laundromat Service

Load Laundromat Service is Best for full-service of laundry, in-house laundromat. Pickup and delivery services available in Load Laundromat.

This laundry service 24-hour turnaround time. Complete work of Load Laundromat Service is wash, fold, and dry cleaning clothes properly. Pricing is good of Load Laundry Service.

Pricing rate of Load Laundromat Service is $15.00 per 10lbs. You can see complete pricing online on their website. Load Laundromat service website is –

Load Laundromat Address in NYC – 602 E 14th St, New York, NY 10009. You can easily contact Load Laundromat at – (917) 265-8226. This laundry service have both of payment options Cash or card.

Load Laundromat holding nearly 4.9-star rating in over 80 reviews on Google, Load Laundromats are the cleaners in your neighborhood who always provide the best quality service out there.

This is one of the best trusted laundry service in NYC 2021. With a full service available, it is easy to consider why this is for a lot of New Yorkers who want to find an easy and quick service in the midst of their busy days.

Customers are always very happy with their very fast service of laundry and delivery, thorough cleaning and reliability through every task.

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6. The Eco Laundry Company

The Eco Laundry Company Best for sustainable, environmentally-conscious business. This laundry service also best for free pick-up and delivery services.

The Eco Laundry Company is Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute International member. This laundry service work is laundry wash and fold, and dry cleaning.

This laundry service pricing is good. The pricing of Eco Laundry Company starts at $1.50/lb. See complete pricing online on their website. The website is – Address in NYC is – 249 W. 18th St., New York, NY 10011

You can easily contact at – (646) 649-3806. The payment option is good in this laundry service they accept both cash or card.

The Eco Laundry Company transcends the responsibilities of its average scavengers as its mission also includes helping the environment with an environmentally conscious business plan.

This is best service because this gives New Yorkers free delivery option. With their permanent methods and the worry-free full service that they provide, you will feel happy and satisfied with your laundry.

With 4.7 stars in a Google review, they talk about adjusted customer service and thorough cleaning.

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7.  J & G Laundromat Service

J & G Laundromat Service is best for through cleaning with quick turnaround times laundry. J & G Laundromat Service works are pick-up & Delivery, Washing & Folding, Dry Cleaning, Self-Service, and Commercial Laundry Services.

The pricing of J & G Laundromat Service is good and attractive. You need to contact them for more detail of pricing. The website of J & G Laundromat Service is –

J & G Laundromat Service address in NYC at – 1203 Castle Hill Ave Bronx, NY 10462. You can easily contact J & G Laundromat Service at Phone – (718) 502-6649. J & G Laundromat Service Email address is –

You can contact J & G Laundromat Service to know more about payment options and details.

Many full-service laundromats in New York charge higher prices. But the J&G laundromat service is not one of them.

Being a part of this community, they aim for more than anything, which is why they offer high quality laundry service and dry cleaning at very affordable prices.

They offer some of the best rates for pick-up and delivery and drop-off in New York City. Competitive rates aside, they also have friendly staff on standby.

They are ready to help with our coin operated machines, take care of drop-ups, and book schedules for pick-up and delivery. Their services can cover all your laundry needs.

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8. Meurice Cleaning Service

Meurice Cleaning Service is Best for New York’s one of the best in cleaning. Meurice Cleaning Service with our industry-leading technology coupled with human precision and touch.

Meurice Cleaning Service worked for laundry, Dry Cleaning, Household Items Cleaning, Leather and Suede, Tailoring, Bridal Services, Handbag Services.

The pricing of Meurice Cleaning Service are different rates so You need to contact with them to know more about pricing of laundry.

The website of Meurice Cleaning Service is – Address in NYC is – 31 University Place, New York, NY 10003 and 249 Plandome Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030.

You can contact easily Meurice Cleaning Service at phone – 1 (800) 240-3377. The Email address of Meurice Cleaning Service is – You can contact for payment options.

Meurice Cleaning Service for more than 50 years, Meurice is noted for his expertise and consistency. Meurice Cleaning Service provide top quality cleaning for all items and deal with even the toughest stains.

For Meurice Cleaning Service, it also means that they are about to communicate at every step. Meurice Cleaning Service pride themselves on being New York’s premier, reliable dry cleaning service.

Meurice Cleaning Service combine state-of-the-art technology with their costumes, bridal wear, and the interior of the home as you get them.

Meurice Cleaning Service are advancing our ways while maintaining our family values ​​so that you can feel relaxed every time.

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9. DryClean NYC

DryClean NYC laundry service best for prompt Laundry Pick Up and Processing work. DryClean NYC works are wash and Fold, Dry Cleaning and Pressing work. The pricing of this laundry service are different.

So, you need to contact with them for pricing. DryClean NYC website is pricing list is here – The website of DryClean NYC is – NYC address of DryClean is – 103 Lenox Avenue New York NY 10026.

You can contact to them easily Telephone – 212- 876-9014. DryClean NYC also have Fax – 917-591-4527. DryClean NYC Email address is – For payment options you need to contact with DryClean NYC.

DryClean provides convenient dry cleaning and laundry pick-up and delivery services to NYC Manhattan. Cleaning your items has never been easier! All it takes is a few simple steps.

First, set your account and preferences from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Their friendly drivers will come to your door and pick up your clothes.

They will then wash and fold or tidy their belongings as per their choice. You can track your clothes the entire process and check your virtual closet.

Later, they will deliver your clean clothes at the time you choose during your pick up.

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10. Washpro Laundry Service

Washpro Laundry Service is best for both Residential and Commercial Services. Washpro Laundry Service works are many like Dry Cleaning, Hang Dry, Table Linen, Towel and Bath Linen, Bed Linen, Laundered Shirts, Wash and Fold, Uniforms and Workwear.

You can check Washpro Laundry Service pricing rates here – The website of Washpro Laundry Service is – Washpro Laundry Service address in New York – 175 Valentine Ln, Yonkers, NY 10705, United States of America.

Easily contact to Washpro Laundry Service on phone – (800) 461-5004. Washpro Laundry Service Email is – You can contact with Washpro Laundry Service for payment options.

WashPro Laundry Service moved from Dubai to New York in 2016 to open a small operation to make life easier. Customers can order the program via phone call, text, message, website or mobile application.

They provide personalized services and are available 24/7. This is because WashPro laundry service is one of the best laundry service in NYC in 2021.

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11. The Soap Box Laundry Service

The Soap Box Laundry Service is best for Pick up and Delivery work for Residential and Business Services. The Soap Box Laundry Service works are Wash & Fold, Dry Cleaning clothes, Sneaking Cleaning.

Pricing of The Soap Box Laundry Service is very attractive. The Soap Box Laundry Service pricing starts at $1.21/lb. The website of The Soap Box Laundry Service is – The Soap Box Laundry Service address in NYC at – 110 Saratoga Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233, United States.

You can call them for more information at Telephone – 718-803-3110. Text: 718-715-4771. Payment options are many in The Soap Box Laundry Service like Card, Cash, Stuypend & Invoice.

Soap Box believes that life is good when you stop washing clothes. They are committed to providing you with the best quality of service and to bring your clothes back new and clean.

The process is simple: schedule a pick, their team will swing, and they will deliver it back to you. Try them out by applications available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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12. Washit Laundry Service

Washit Laundry Service is best for only their Laundry. Washit Laundry Service works for wash & Fold, Dry Cleaning. Washit Laundry Service pricing are good. Pricing of Washit Laundry Service starts at $1.30/lb.

The website of Washit Laundry Service is – Washit Laundry Service address in NYC – 1600 Cortelyou Rd Brooklyn, NY 11226. Contact Phone of Washit Laundry Service is – 917-909-8441. You can also contact Washit Laundry Service through Email address –

You need to contact for more payment details.

Wash It NYC has its own application that you can download to use for transactions. You will set the schedule and they handle the rest. Can I Check My Laundry Card Balance Online

They are professional cleaners who will pick up and distribute your clothes. Your goods will be delivered to your door at your convenience.

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13. Waverly Wu Laundry Service

Waverly Wu Laundry Service is best for laundry. Waverly Wu Laundry Service always gives a good finishing. Wash N Fold Service also give you the pick up and Delivery service.

The smell and freshness of clothes after laundry that’s great. Services offered by Waverly Wu Laundry are Accessories Cleaning and Air/Hang Drying also.

Waverly Wu Laundry Service open for 12 hours. You can check on google search for this service. Waverly Wu Laundry Service address in NYC at – 353 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, b/t Greene Ave & Lafayette Ave, Clinton Hill. You can contact to Waverly Wu Laundry Service at Telephone – (718) 622-9648.

Waverly Wu Laundry Service is amazing in Brooklyin NYC. Waverly Wu Laundry Service give a trust able factor to New Yorkers. Waverly Wu Laundry Service pickup and delivery service is fantastic in NYC.

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14. Fidi Cleaners & Tailors

Fidi Cleaners & Tailors are best for Clothing Cleaning Services in NYC. Fidi Cleaners & Tailors services are Dry Cleaning, Tailoring, Shirt, Shoe Repair, Carpet Cleaning, Leather Cleaning, Wash and Fold, Maid Service.

The pricing of their services are different. So you can go to their website page for pricing – Website using by Fidi Cleaners & Tailors is –

Address of Fidi Cleaners & Tailors in NYC is – 89 Washington Street New York NY 10006. You can contact Fidi Cleaners & Tailors to telephone – (646) 580-7847. Email address of Fidi Cleaners & Tailors is –

For payment you need to contact with Fidi Cleaners & Tailors.

Fidi Cleaner is the perfect place to go for cleaning needs. They offer various services, ranging from dry-cleaning to maid service.

Not only that, their pick-up and delivery is free! There is no more reason to choose them, they definitely make life easy.

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15. Gentle Wash Laundromat Service

Gentle Wash Laundromat Service is best for laundry to Comforters, Delicates, Fold Services, Formal Wear, Pickup Services, Same Day Service, Stain Removal, Wash & Fold, Commercial Laundry Services, Eco-friendly/Green Washing, Follow Care Label Instructions, Ironing, Pants & Jeans, Shirts & Blouses, Wash & Dry.

You can check online page of facebook for Gentle Wash Laundromat. Gentle Wash Laundromat Service Address in NYC is – 97 Avenue A New York, NY 10009. You can call them to know about laundry price.

Contact Number of Gentle Wash Laundromat Service is – (212) 673-6886. For knowledge of payment options you need to contact with them.

Pickup and delivery service of Gentle Wash Laundromat Service in New York City is great. So, This is one of the Best Laundry Services in NYC 2021.

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Final Words

The most common reason people give for not using a laundry service is that it is too expensive. In NYC, most companies charge laundry per pound, and it is not uncommon for rates to increase to $ 1.50 per pound.

This can be outside of your budget, especially if you have a lot of laundry that needs to be done regularly.

On the other hand, many laundry services offer special discounts that can make it more affordable. For example, some first time customers offer discounts, and others may offer substantial discounts if you pay.

This can help offset some costs. When thinking about the price, it is also important to factor in the time and trouble you have to not wearing your own clothes or taking them to your local dry cleaner.

Thanks for read our article Best Laundry Services in NYC 2021 in New York City.

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