How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key | 13 Ideas

Without Keys, Security is impossible everything like Key control and key management systems is also an ideal solution for securing mechanical keys, access cards, and other valuables for many types of facilities.

Keys housed in a key control cabinet are secured with a special, tamper-proof stainless steel locking ring for security and functionality.

If you lose the key to the laundry coin box. You can open it without a key, it is possible. We help you here how to open a laundry coin box without a key.

How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key

Here are the two best ways to open a laundry coin box without a key. You can open the laundry coin box without a key with the help of a screwdriver and drill machine. You can directly use a screwdriver on the keyhole. Drilling in the laundry coin box keyhole can open the laundry coin box without a key.

1. Screw Driver

To open the laundry coin box without a key, you can use a screwdriver. You first put a screwdriver on the keyhole of the laundry coin box and snap it. Now push the screwdriver into the laundry coin box keyhole and go back and forth the screwdriver.

This is a simple way to open a laundry coin box without a key. The process of opening a Laundry coin box without the key is such a difficult job. You need to do it carefully.

How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key | 13 Ideas

2. Drill Machine

The drill machine can open the laundry coin box without a key. For opening a laundry coin box without a key, You need to put the drill machine in the keyhole. After that, you can spin the drill machine. The drill machine totally crashes the key system of the laundry coin box and it will open after that.

You need to use a hard drill machine for this work and carefully do this work because it is risky.

How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key | 13 Ideas

3. Contact to Laundry Coin Box Maker Company

You can contact the company, That makes a laundry coin box. You can request a new key. You need your laundry coin box key’s serial for a new key. If you have no number of keys they can’t help you.

How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key | 13 Ideas

4. Using a Chisel and Hammer

You can use a chisel and hammer to break the laundry coin box key mechanism. You can put the face of the chisel on the laundry coin box keyhole and hit it with a hammer from the back of the chisel. It breaks the key system of the laundry coin box. This is a working method for opening a laundry coin box without a key.

5. Metal Cutter

Metal cutter machine or blade can work for you. You can use a metal cutter to cut laundry coin box. It can cut all of the key systems of the laundry coin box. Using a metal cutter is risky for opening the laundry coin box. So, Be careful when you use a metal cutter for opening the laundry coin box without a key.

6. Using Hair Pin

You can use a hairpin to open your laundry coin box which key is lost. Put a hairpin inside the keyhole and turn it around right or left. You can use this old method. It can work for you.

7. Using Sledge Hammer

A sledgehammer is a heavy thing to break the laundry coin box. It can break totally your laundry coin box. When the box breaks it’ll open. You can use this method if no other method works.

8. Contact Key Maker

You can contact the key maker to get a duplicate key for your laundry coin box. It is a working or good method for opening laundry coin boxes.

9. Try to Find Another Key

You can try to find another key for your laundry coin box to open it. You can go to another laundromat to find a key. It can be possible, Other laundry coin box keys can work on your laundry coin box.

10. Using a Locksmith

Hiring a professional locksmith is a reliable and safe option. Locksmiths have the skills and tools necessary to open locked coin boxes without causing significant damage. Contact a local locksmith, explain your situation, and they can assist you in gaining access to the coin box. This method is less risky and ensures the coin box remains intact.

11. Magnetic Key

Some laundry coin boxes use magnetic keys for operation. If you have access to a powerful magnet, you can try using it to manipulate the internal mechanisms of the coin box. Hold the magnet close to the keyhole and experiment with different positions to see if you can trigger the release mechanism. This method might work for coin boxes that rely on magnetic locking systems.

12. Lock Picking Tools

Lock picking tools, such as lock picks and tension wrenches, can be used to manipulate the lock of the laundry coin box. This method requires some skill and practice, so it may not be suitable for beginners. Insert the tension wrench into the keyhole to create tension and then use the lock pick to manipulate the pins within the lock until it opens. Lock picking should only be attempted if you have the necessary knowledge and legal authority to do so.

13. Seek Professional Assistance

If none of the above methods prove successful, it may be best to seek help from the laundry facility’s management or owner. Explain your situation and ask if they can provide assistance or unlock the coin box for you. They may have a master key or a designated method for handling lost keys or jammed coin boxes.

How to Open Coin Washer Without Key

For opening a Coin washer without a key, you need to drill it. Use the drill machine on the keyhole and spin to break the key system of the laundry coin washer.

After drilling sometimes the coin washer opened automatically and you can get coins in it. You can get the best information about the laundry coin slot hack.

When I Try to Open Laundry Coin Box Without the Key

I want to show you the mechanics of this, okay, so for this project, you’re going to need a decent electric drill, don’t use a hammer drill, use a regular drill, you’re going to need a big ass screwdriver, and quarter-inch drill bit, maybe you can go up one size as well, too, if you need to.

So the first thing I did, and a lot of people had a problem with this, they didn’t understand here.

What I meant by taking opening up this gap, is you need to open up this little protection slot right here, this actually originally was just a slot, a narrow slot.

So if you had enough room to actually get the key in and unlock it, okay, well, if you can’t get the drill bit in, and if you tried to stick a drill bit in there.

It would actually just sit and spin this little slot here. And that’s and that’s supposed to do that because you can’t break into you know, it helps.

So you don’t break into, the lock assembly. But what I did is I took a big snap on the screwdriver.

And these are, I think one of one of the biggest ones you can get. And I don’t really know the model number, it’s in my other videos or site.

And what I did is I went and I just went back and forth. And I would just keep driving this pushing the screwdriver in and I go back and forth, and I had to get pretty violent with it.

But when actually the lock is actually in here, you know, it’s pretty easy to do, because you’ve got all of this leverage here on this and the actual vault is actually holding this box still. So just get in there and water that suckers out.

Just go back and forth, don’t be afraid, okay, you got really nothing to lose. Okay, next thing, you put this on a drill, this is a quarter-inch bit.

All right, and you go through here, and you just drill and you can go to medium speed, let the drill do its job. If you want to know where to get a quarter for laundry.

I got to tell you, you want a good quality, sharp drill bit on this no dull bits, if even if you have to, it’s worth going to the hardware store and picking up a new set of bits or a new quarter-inch bit.

How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key

And what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to drill this out, you can’t really see the shavings coming out because they’re actually collecting inside this cup.

But you’ll notice yourself you go through and it’s just gonna take two, three minutes, maybe four minutes, kind of depending on how your drill is functioning and how sharp the drill bit is.

But the overall objective is, is you want to drill and you’re going to drill out through the back of the lock here.

Okay, and what they have in here is they have a nut, okay, and what you’re going to do is when you get to a certain point here with your drill bit,

The nuts just going to actually just pop out. So the nut and the little stud is actually just going to pop into the box.

Now another thing you need to remember is you got to open this cam, this is how they open when you turn the lock see it opens at camp and you have the little side piece that comes out.

And, you know, locks into here, okay. So on one of the boxes, I just happened to luck out. And in drilling. I hadn’t locked the cam. And so that worked out fine.

On another one of the boxes, the other one, I ended up going in with a little bit smaller screwdriver. And I had to go in and work so I can actually get the cam to move and actually close.

Okay. All right. Now, another thing that a lot of people have asked me about was, well now how do you get the lock?

Okay, so I looked up the lock on the internet. And if you can find when I found one place that wanted like 60 bucks for a lock and to repair it,

There’s a guy doing a video on how to replace this actual lock assembly.

Screw that you can go on the internet and order this box and this is u g 800 a. Alright, and what I did is I ordered a pair of them a set of them.

These suckers go for $35 apiece was either 35 or 38 bucks apiece. This is with everything.

You only get one key it’s pretty standard just to get one key and you get the coin box. Hold on a second.

And I will give you the information on where to buy this. Okay, so I bought this from reliable parts.

And these guys were down in Seattle, Washington, and they were here, not 35 bucks a pop 3553 and applicable tax and shipping.

I think they charged a $9 flat rate for shipping reliable parts was absolutely awesome.

I ordered these parts on a Tuesday around lunchtime, and they were on my doorstep the next morning.

So that was freakin awesome. If they have it in stock, they’ll get it to you pretty quickly.

Now, the boxes, the same box, the configuration of the box here, all these dimensions are the same as what they’ve done.

How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key | 13 Ideas

I don’t know if this is an update, or if they got cheesy, I don’t really know what the deal was.

But they just changed to a cylinder-type lock instead. Okay, so you got these little goofy keys, okay, and I remember you only get one key.

So inside the box is the number of the key. Okay, record that. All right. Also, you have the number of the key actually stamped on the key.

The reason why I say record that is if you ever have your keys stolen, or you lose your keys.

You can go back and get that number and then order the key from a supplier like Greenwald, I guess.

I mean, they’re just spending if you go to the factory, you can go to reliable patcher just look them up on the internet.

And the reason why I had to break into my laundromat in the first place was the keys were actually stolen.

And I did not write the key code down in my manual when I bought the washer and dryer unit.

So I recommend writing those keycodes down. So you do not have to break into that again. But there you go.

Alright, I hope that this answers all of your questions. And thank you for watching. And I hope this helps you laundromat guys because this is spendy stuff, man.

I mean I’ve seen these keys sell for like 30 bucks, 25, and 30 bucks on their own. But why do that when you get the whole new box, everything is done?

Alright, thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe, and y’all have a good one. Read for How much a load of laundry weight.

Final Words

Thanks for the reading article How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key. Opening a laundry coin box without a key is such a difficult job. Do it carefully.

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