How to use Dispenser Drawer in Washing Machine Best Guide

Here are the best Guides Step By Step to How to use Dispenser Drawer in Washing Machine Best Guide Best Guide. We help you with easy steps to Use Dispenser Drawer in Washing Machine.

After you put in the clothes, it’s time to add detergent to your GE Front Load Washer has a dispenser door at the top left.

Pull the drawer slowly out until it stops and you’ll see it has separate compartments for pre washing additives, detergent, bleach and fabric softener.

If you’re washing heavily soiled clothes, you may want to add a pre wash additive to the back left compartment.

The detergent compartment is located at the front of the left compartment with an insert that should be slid into the front position if you’re using liquid detergent, or removed if you’re using powdered detergent.

To move the insert, just pull it up and slide it back down between the molded rails and if you have the dispenser drawers shown here, and if you use only powdered detergent.

You should completely remove the detergent selection insert from the dispenser and place it in a safe location outside of the washer for future use.

The detergent selection insert should be reinserted into the dispenser if you change back to liquid detergent.

Note: We recommend using a high efficiency HE detergent such as tide HE for this washer.

If you want to add liquid bleach, pour into the liquid bleach compartment.

Note: Never use powder bleach. You can get Best liquid bleach here.

Liquid fabric softener can be added into the softener compartment.

Note: Always use Best Quality Softener in washer.

Pour in the manufacturer’s recommended amount and top it off with water to reach the maximum fill on.

Best Guide : The location of the liquid bleach and fabric softener compartments vary from model to model. Consult your owner’s manual for more information on checklist one, there are separate compartments for each additive that can be used in your Front Load Washer.

To make sure you adjust the insert and the detergent compartment based on whether you’re using liquid or powder detergent. Liquid Detergent always best than Powder Detergent. So you can buy best Liquid Detergent from here. Thanks for read our article How to use Dispenser Drawer in Washing Machine Best Guide.

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