Tips for Wash Converse in the Washing Machine

by Rocky


You  can directly  through your Converse sneakers in the washing machine. It is good news for Converse sneakers users.


You  simply need  to take the laces out, throw the shoes into the washing machine.


Wash  your Converse  sneakers at  low speed.  It is very important  to know.


When it  comes to drying  Converse sneakers,  let the shoes  air dry


Use better quality of liquid  laundry detergent. Do not use powder detergent. It  can stuck inside shoes.


If you  soak Converse  sneakers overnight,  it can damage the  glue holding  them in the shoes.


Put the  laces of Converse sneakers inside little laundry mash bags and have them washed in the washing machine.


Please  do not use hot water to wash Converse sneakers as the heat can loosen the glue on the shoes.


Please  do not put leather Converse in washing machine. Leather can damaged when put in a washer


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