Twins Locked in Laundry Room

by Rocky


After breaking  up to escape from their abusive mom and partner at home in Texas and pair of 16-year-olds in handcuffs and barefoot were repeatedly turned away by the neighbors who accompanied them door-to-door seeking help until a Good person let them in and called for assistance, according to the authorities.


The woman's  message to authorities led to an interstate search for the twins' siblings. The search was concluded in Louisiana's capital city and resulted in the arrest of the couple accused of abuse in the middle of the case. The case has created shock in 2 US states.


The mother of  the accused, Zaikiya Duncan, and her boyfriend, Jova Terrell, face charges of inflicting injury on the child that in certain instances could result in a sentence of 5 years of prison.


The couple were  in a Baton Rouge courtroom on Thursday and declared that they would not be averse to being placed in the custody of the authorities located in Houston who is investigating the couple.


In the meantime, seven children under age who are currently involved have been transferred to Child Protective Services officials, as per reports from a variety of news outlets. This includes the television news channels KHOU in Houston and WBRZ in Baton Rouge.


Police were  alerted to the kids' plight following the boy, who was 16 years old, and his twin sister ran from door to door throughout their community within Cypress, Texas, just north of Houston for about 30 minutes begging for help the two children.


Doorbell camera  footage was reported to show the girl and her brother naked and cold and shivering, while neighbors not sure what to do - advised them to leave.


The boy was  untidy and the girl wore an empty plastic grocery bag for a top, according to Court documents supplied through the Laundry Detergent Ideas' Data.


Then, a woman  opened her front door and let them in, wrapped them in blankets, then called the local constable's office.


In the interviews  with investigators later on in the evening, the children told investigators the way their caregivers forced them to make use of a mop bucket containing dirty water for showers and to urinate and vomit on themselves.


Whenever  they had to use the bathroom.  They also claimed that they were victimized by other physical assaults as well.


The twins  were transported to a hospital where they remained until Thursday.


Medical examinations afterward revealed evidence that the children were dehydrated and one boy was suffering from at least one healing bone fracture, which is consistent with physical abuse.


Authorities issued what's called the Amber Alert asking the public to help locate minors. They broadcast their details in the media and on electronic road signs.


After a few hours,  Louisiana state police troopers observed Duncan's vehicle just off the main campus at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. They surrounded and detained the couple.


The only  18-year-old who was present was the group. Police later discovered the remains of the children at the residence of a family member who Terrell and Duncan dropped off.


This isn't it's  the first time Duncan was accused of abusing children. A decade ago, Baton Rouge police arrested her for child abuse after one of her children was found injured in an emergency room the court records reveal.


Duncan finally  pleaded guilty,  accepted the parenting class, and then served an indefinite suspension until the year 2020 according to WBRZ first announcement.

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