How to Clean White Converse

by Rocky


First, Dip  a very soft brush in hydrogen peroxide  to clean the white converse. Use a very  clean and fresh  brush for it.


Now  Time to rub white  converse. Rub your white converse gently. Do not rub your white converse hardly. Otherwise, white converse will be torn.


Now  Rinse the soft  brush gently on white converse.To pick the hard stains use much hydrogen peroxide and rub again.


Finally You need to dry  white converse. You can  dry white converse directly  in you laundry washer. Dry white converse for half an hour.


Tips: You can wash your white converse in the washing machine. Remove shoe laces and through in the washer.


Tips: You always use liquid laundry detergent to wash your white converse. Use some hot water with a gentle wash to wash white converse.


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