Cuisinart Coffee Maker How to Clean

by Rocky


Before you  do anything else to clean your coffee maker, you should remove the charcoal water filter. The water filter fills with gunk and mineral deposits the same way your reservoir does.


Mix enough  vinegar solution to  fill your reservoir.  It's best to go with 1/3 part white vinegar and  2/3 part water for best results.


Pour Your  Vinegar Mixture into  the Reservoir. Once you've mixed the vinegar mixture well,  pour the whole thing  into the reservoir.


Locate the  self-clean button on your coffee maker, press it, and wait for the button to light up. Once this is done, you can press the On button on your coffee maker, and the cleaning cycle will begin.


You'll know  the cleaning cycle has started because the self-clean button will stop blinking and just have a steady color. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the Cuisinart will beep five times to indicate the process is complete.


Once you've  run your cleaning  cycle, fill your reservoir  with cold water  and run the cold water cycle to get rid of the vinegar and  water solution.


You may  also want to  wipe down all components of your coffee machine to make sure you don't get a mild vinegary  taste in your  next cup of coffee.


While the  first cleaning cycle  may be enough to clean your coffee maker, if the Clean Machine button lights up again when you turn on your coffee maker, you will need to run another cleaning cycle.

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