How to Strip Laundry Without Borax

Laundry Stripping is possible without borax. We give you complete information about how to strip laundry without borax.

Laundry Stripping

Laundry stripping is an extended laundry process that helps remove buildup and residue that remains on clothes, towels, and linens.

Residues like dirt, grime, laundry detergent, hard water, grease, and fabric softener can all build up over the lifetime of a garment. Removing tough laundry stains is a very difficult task.

Laundry stripping is an effective and very simple laundry technique that uses few ingredients to remove buildup.

How to Strip Laundry Without Borax

For laundry stripping without borax, you need to use laundry soda crystals or laundry detergent powder. Laundry detergent powder and laundry soda make your laundry stripping without borax.

Follow the simple steps to strip laundry without borax.

  • Fill ⅔rds part of a large tub with hot water.
  • Add ½ cup of laundry detergent powder to each gallon of water and allow it to dissolve completely in the hot water of the tub.
  • Mix ½ cup of washing soda in each gallon of hot water in the tub.
  • Add your laundry to the tub meaning putting my clothes inside the tub.
  • Allow the laundry to soak for 4-6 hours, stirring every hour. Mean continued to add a kettle of boiling hot water to the tub every hour.
  • Remove laundry from the tub and put it in the washing machine. Wash as usual.

Important Tips

Here are some important tips to start laundry stripping without borax. Read these laundry stripping tips and follow them.

  • Always separate your colors
  • Make different your white clothes.
  • Dissolve laundry detergent powder or soda crystals properly in the tub.
  • Stripping properly after every hour when you do the complete process of laundry stripping for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Do not use too much hot water. That can finish cloth fabrics.
How to Strip Laundry Without Borax

Can You Strip Laundry Without Borax

Yes, You can do that. It is possible. You can do laundry stripping with washing soda crystal and laundry detergent powder. If you use laundry powder or soda in place of borax you get a perfect clean laundry like borax.

So You can use laundry powder or soda in place of borax in the laundry stripping process without any problem.

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When I Try to Do Laundry Stripping Laundry Without Using Borax

I am so excited with the results of the laundry stripping experiment that I did the other day on my clothes, I was kind of expecting it not to work, I thought it was going to be one of those internet cleaning fads, that don’t do exactly the same results as what you’ve seen online.

This was not the case it completely worked. The only tip I would definitely say is do not mix whites with any other colors. I put a white towel in with the rest of the things just to see if the colors are going to bleed a little bit. It kind of came out as dingy or white than it went in.

So I would probably stick to keeping your colors and your white clothes definitely separate. There are a couple of things that are specific to my article that no other article, is because I’m not using the same ingredients.

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I did a lot of research to figure out exactly how I was going to do this technique I was going to use the products I was going to use and I started getting a little bit hesitant because you’re supposed to use laundry detergent soda crystals or washing powder and borax.

Now I live in London in the UK and you actually cannot buy borax here they sell something called work substitute which is actually not the same thing. It doesn’t have the same chemical properties.

So instead of just buying that and trying to substitute it for work, I didn’t use it at all. So I literally only used two things I used to this liquid laundry gel, I forgot how good Ariel smells is my new favorite.

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So instead of the other ingredient, I used soda crystals. Now, these are readily available in any shop in the UK you can buy them anywhere, and they’re used often like DIY laundry detergents.

I combined these two ingredients in a very hot bathtub full of water and I then put your clothes in the bathtub for laundry. I let them soak for around four or five hours and I continued to add a kettle of boiling hot water to the bath every hour.

The very first thing I noticed as soon as I put the laundry detergent and sort of crystals into the bathtub, the water was very clear and had a very clean-looking color to it. As soon as I put clothes in, they immediately change the color of the water.

Now there is some debate as to whether this is really cleaning and getting dirt out of flows, or whether this is just pulling out the dyes that are already enclosed.

And I was going to do a test of just whites but I wanted to test another more important thing. I wanted to see if colors were going to bleed by using this technique.

I don’t really separate my colors too much but I do watch my whites separately, I was a little bit disappointed to see that the one towel that I put in was the white towel. It definitely did not come out as white as it was.

So my number one tip if you’re going to do any kind of laundry stripping, or do laundry in general where you really need to separate your colors, but if you do use this technique is almost for sure going to bleed, or at least make your whites look a little bit dingy. If you’re mixing it with other colors.

The end results far exceeded my expectations because not only did the clothes come out clean, they came out smelling so much better than my clothes normally do.

The main benefit of using this laundry stripping technique even though it’s a bit of a fad at the moment is yes, my clothes came out super clean, but they came out smelling amazing and they came out really really soft.

So what do I do again, probably Yes Is this something I’m going to do every single time I clean my clothes, definitely not involved my back was hurting from leaning over like wringing out all the clothes to get them out of the tub.

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But it definitely provided a very, very good end result for what I used it for. For me, this is something that everyone should do at least once a year, maybe every six months to just kind of give your clothes and a new fresh kind of second lease on life is definitely not an everyday process that you’re going to be doing every single time you do laundry.

But if you want your laundry to come out really really clean smelling amazing and super soft, then you have to give laundry stripping a try at least once using the area laundry gel and soda crystals I was able to achieve almost exactly the same results the same outcome as other people that have done similar tests using the same things plus borax.

So if I can get away without using more ingredients and using simpler things easier things to find, definitely recommend it.

Thank you so much for reading this article. Let me know in the comments if you have tried this technique before and if you have found other ingredients in the USA or UK that you can get relatively easily that get the same result.

Otherwise, I’m probably gonna stick to my liquid laundry detergent. And my soda crystals because they’re easy, they’re inexpensive and they worked.

So if you like this kind of article, definitely go ahead and give it comment below if you are new to my website, I would love for you to subscribe (with the below left bell icon) so that you can follow along when I post new content.

Final Words

Thanks for reading this important article. Have a Great Day.