Does Coffee Stain Clothes Permanently?

A lot of us drink coffee on a daily basis. It seems like we cannot live a day without coffee. This gives more possibility of easily staining our clothes. It irks to have a coffee stain on our favorite clothes.

The rich brown-colored drink that you love might sit permanently on your favorite shirt. Does coffee stain clothes permanently

Before you cry over spilled coffee, you have to know that coffee stains are not permanent. But, on one condition, if you can remove them efficiently before it seeps deeper into the fabric.

This applies to any coffee stain, may it be on your clothes, carpet, or linen. You can only remove coffee stains efficiently if you are prompt. 

Does Coffee Stain Clothes Permanently

How to Not Make Coffee Stain Clothes Permanently

There are a lot of ways to remove coffee stains efficiently. Make sure to follow these tips before you send them to the laundry delivery.

Blot coffee stain.

Gently scrub the coffee stain with a damp white cloth. Do it in a circular motion, from outer to inner. Make sure you do not spread the stain. 

Run with cold water.

Run through cold water on the front and back of the coffee stain. This should remove most of the stain well if it is fresh.

Use dish soap. 

The dishwashing soap on your kitchen sink is quite helpful in removing stains. The dish soap breaks down and lifts the oily stain from the stained cloth. 

Make baking soda paste

You can remove the stain with baking soda. Create a paste with water and a small amount of baking soda.

Apply and let the baking soda sit on the stain for 10 to 20 minutes. Baking soda is a helpful product in removing coffee stains, especially on stainless steel items. 

However, if you were not able to pretreat the stain immediately, and it has somehow dried on your clothes, here is your solution:

Create a mixed solution of liquid detergent, water, and distilled vinegar. This mixture can loosen coffee stains in a matter of minutes.

Soak the stained clothes in the solution for 15 minutes.

Rinse the clothing thoroughly and hang it dry. Do not put it in the dryer as the heat will make the unnoticeable stains seep through the fabric. 

Avoid using bleach.

We all want a shortcut and use bleach in removing the stain on our clothes. If you can, refrain from this method.

Bleach only brings more damage than good to your clothes. It contains harsh chemicals that may affect your health, the environment, and your clothes fabrics. 

Final Takeaway

Everyone loves coffee, but no one wants to deal with coffee stains. Preventing coffee stains is impossible if coffee is part of your daily routine.

Instead of worrying too much, equip yourself with the things you should do to ensure the coffee stain does not permanently stay on your favorite clothes. You can try dry cleaning in Williamsburg.

Make sure to pretreat the coffee stain before you bring them to the laundry dry service.