How to Hide Washer Hoses in Laundry Room?

hide hoses in laundry room

I wanted to use identical wallpaper to cover the hoses. Although I used to be on the point of just cutting a bit of wallpaper, leaving the backing on, and gluing it to the front of the hoses – the wallpaper/backing alone felt a touch too flimsy for the work and attended curl instead of … Read more

Can You Use Powder Laundry Detergent Front Load Washer?

Can You Use Powder Laundry Detergent Front Load Washer

If you choose to use powdered detergent in a front load washer, add two tablespoons directly to the drum before loading in dirty laundry. If you experience a problem because the detergent doesn’t dissolve completely and leaves a white residue on your clothes Dissolve the two tablespoons of powder in a cup of very hot … Read more

Laundry Jokes For Christmas 2022, All Funny Laundry Puns

laundry jokes

Laundry Jokes 1. Laundry puns are not as bad as everyone thinks they are. They’ve just been getting bad press. 2. My cousin wanted to know if I knew any laundry puns. I told her that I’ve got loads of them. 3. My sister and I were having an argument about whose turn it was … Read more

Phosphate Free Laundry Detergent Best in 2022

phosphate free laundry detergent

Phosphate-free detergent refers to the use of less or zero phosphate as a component in a detergent. The advantage of using phosphates in a consumer laundry detergent or dishwashing detergent is that they make it more efficient by treating calcium and magnesium ions. The disadvantage of using phosphates is that they remain in wastewater and … Read more