Can You Lay a Washing Machine on Its Side?

In this article important information about laying a washing machine on its side for transport or any other purposes. We recommend you best guide for transporting a washing machine or laying a washing machine.

Can You Lay a Washing Machine on Its Side?

No, Laying the washer on its side can cause the inner and outer tubs to bump into each other, loosening the support pads or damaging the suspension. It can also cause the tub to fall out of alignment and change the way your unit works.

Can You Lay a Washing Machine on Its Side

Is It Safe To Lay A Washing Machine on its Side?

No, It is not safe to lay a washing machine on its side. It is recommended that you always keep the washing machine in an upright position. Laying it can damage inner and outer parts.

It can also cause the tub to fall out of alignment and change the way your unit works. You must secure the drum before proceeding with a shipping bolt or washer lock inserted into the rear of the machine for the front loader and wedge foam or cardboard between the drum and the top-loaders case. Know about reasons and solutions for Brown flakes in the washing machine

You always keep it straight when you rotate the washer. Moving the washing machine horizontally will cause some of the washer’s internal parts to rub against each other and damage it.

What Happens If You Lay A Washer on its Side?

Even during this simple process, manufacturers recommend installing a shipping bolt or shipping rod. Bolts — which come with front-loading units — secure the inner tub, which is suspended inside the exterior by springs. The rod—which comes with some top-loading models—rotates the agitator tub against the top of the chassis so it doesn’t move. Without bolt or rod:

The tubs could bump into each other or hit the chassis, and something could twist.
Springs may wear away or fall off.
The result is noise and vibration – or worse – when using the appliance. Read More:- How to use fabric softener in the washing machine

Even if you put your front-loading washing machine on its side when you bolt or rod, it can be a bad idea if it has direct-drive gears that are filled with transmission fluid. Fluid can leak, and it’s not always easy to replace – you may have to rebuild the transmission. If this is possible, you should find a relevant warning in the owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Reinstall shipping bolts or rods before taking your washing machine up or downstairs or into another home. That way, if you have to lay it on its side to get through the door, you won’t risk damaging it. Read More:- Where to put laundry detergent in washing machine

Can You Lay a Top Loader Washing Machine on Its Side?

No, You can not lay a top loader washing machine on its side. Because many types of wires and pipes are used to make a top loader washing machine. If you lay it on its side, Some wires and pipes can damage.

Can You Lay a Fridge on Its Side When Moving?

It is not advisable to keep the refrigerator on its side. Keep them in an upright position to prevent compressor oil from running down your coiling lines, which can cause the unit to stop cooling. If you have to put one on its side, don’t put it on the front or back.

If possible, place the refrigerator down on the opposite side of the return and discharge lines. Oil in the process tube won’t damage your fridge, but oil in the discharge line could. Once you’ve got it back up, leave your fridge unplugged for the same amount of time it was lying on, so that the oil goes back into the compressor. GE says the exceptions are bottom-mount and compact models, which should always remain upright.

Final Words

Thanks for reading this article about, Lay a Washing Machine on Its Side. We recommend you, do not lay the washing machine on its side. Know about, the Best time to do laundry.